rhem IV special edition (en)

If you have visited here at RHEM IV before, you will notice a few changes. Two new areas with secured entrances have been discovered. For the successful conclusion of this extended Rhem IV World; not only will you have to find the nine golden fragments but you must obtain an item that will gain access to RHEM V.

Rhem IV - The Golden Fragments - Special Edition (RHEM IV SE) expands the huge world of RHEM IV by two new unseen areas with many new puzzles and challenges. The additional goal is to find one quarter of a medaillion that you may need in the exploration of the upcoming RHEM V!

The game sets you into a huge, fantastic world full of strange vehicles and buildings, unknown mechanisms and machines, secret passages and doorways. Adventuresomeness, logic, attentivness and the ability to solve enigmas will help the player to slowly but surely unveil the mystery of this new adventure on Rhem. Everywhere on Rhem you can find hints and solutions that will help you to unveil some of the strange enigmas and puzzles in Rhem IV SE.

- extended version of RHEM 4
- two new areas and new puzzles
- sequel to RHEM, RHEM2 and RHEM3
- mind-bending puzzles for Mac and PC
- non-violent story
- non-linear gameplay
- thousands of images and animations
- stereo-environment-sound
- a first person graphic-adventure
- mouse-navigation
- build-in color-picker

RHEM IV SE is a graphic adventure (point-and-click, pre-calculated first person). It is a extended version of RHEM 4. The virtual world is shown through the eyes of the players. The environment consists of individual pictures covering a 360-degree view. Navigation takes place through going forward, turning left/right, etc. In principle, each standpoint has four views. In the virtual world, one must have in advance different puzzles to unlock, representing both collection and use.

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